A basic transportation suggestion in Taiwan:

1. In Taipei & New Taipei: By MRT (subway/metro system) + shuttle/public bus

2. Outside Taipei & New Taipei(Northern Areas): Arrange a cab with guide driver

3. Eastern Taiwan: Railway + cab with guide driver

4. Other major cities (Taichung/Tainan/Kaohsiung): High speed rail way + local transportation

For Taipei City tours, below are some spots for families traveling with kids.

1.National Palace Museum: has the most complete collection of China antiques and arts, must go.

2.Night markets: you can find many interesting night markets in Taipei. Not necessarily have to go Shilin night market (
士林夜市). You can ask your hotel for advice. 

上引水產Addiction Aquatic Development: a fashionable seafood supermarket. If you like seafood, this is a place worth to go. http://www.addiction.com.tw/

京華城Core Pacific shopping mall: there are many indoor theme parks great to exhaust some energy of your kids. Babyboss (age3-12) is an educational role playing theme park, kids love it. 147Gun sport theme park (140cm and up).

5. Taipei 101: The highest building in Taiwan. Many department stores in this neighborhood, and is a great place for shopping.

6. 圓山飯店The Grand Hotel buffet: this is the oldest 5-star hotel in Taipei. If you like dining with night view, don't miss this place. The hotel is also the only hotel that look like a classic temple. https://www.grand-hotel.org/taipei/en/


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